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All stained glass classes at Bluebird Stained Glass Studio are taught on a one-on-one basis.  There may be as many as six students at the table in our classroom, but each is working at his/her own pace on their own project/class.  The instructors at Bluebird are each accomplished stained glass artists and each has their own way of explaining the skills we use.  We often “tag team” our students by stepping in where needed to teach a new skill or re-teach a different way when a student seems to need another explanation.  We strive to make our teaching/learning atmosphere fun and relaxing and hope that our students learn well enough to work independently of us.
Beginning Stained Glass:  An introduction to the copper foil method of constructing stained glass panels and sun catchers, class is approximately 10 hours of studio time with instruction in glass properties, cutting, grinding, foiling, soldering, adding a metal frame on a panel, and soldering edges on a sun catcher. 
The following classes have Beginning Stained Glass as a pre-requisite:
Decorative Soldering I:  While making a sun catcher, extend your soldering skills by learning basic wire embellishments and 3 styles of decorative soldering. 

Decorative Soldering II:  Learn strip cutting with the Morton System while cutting pieces to construct an open box.  In addition to the Morton and 3D construction, an additional 4 styles of decorative soldering will be covered. 

Basic Lead Construction:  Build a basic panel using lead construction techniques.  Came cutting, soldering, framing in metal, glazing and cleaning skills will be taught. Students can also choose to build a sun-catcher out of hobby came or a combination of copper foil and hobby came.
Panel Lamps I:  Build a basic 1-level panel lamp of 4 or 6 sides.  Learn how to set a jig to insure that each side is similar in size, “pull” the panels into a lamp shape, prepare a vase cap, and possibly reinforce or make a decorative edge on the bottom of the constructed lamp.  
Panel Lamps II:  Build a 2- or 3-level panel lamp.  Add to your basic panel lamp building skills by challenging yourself to adding a flared top or bottom to a basic panel lamp OR build a “hat” lamp or “terrarium-style” lamp if you choose.  Meticulous attention to detail is a must for this class.  
Intermediate Stained Glass:  Choose copper foil or lead construction to build a panel of your choice.  Challenge yourself to a design a little harder to cut and piece than what you have done so far.  Our instructors will share their experience in helping you tackle the challenge. Additional tools and various sizes of foil and came will be demonstrated and available for use.  
Advanced Stained Glass:  Combine both copper foil and lead construction to exploit the best options for each in creating a larger piece that still contains small detail work.  Learn how to choose, draw, or adjust a design, and then build it with the best possible method(s).  

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