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Colleen T. McElfresh

Bluebird Glass Studio 



Colleen T. McElfresh has been an artist all of her life; no matter the medium, everything is rendered an art when formed by her capable, creative hands.  Brought up in a family of craftspeople, she has always enjoyed making things with her hands and sharing that joy with others through teaching.  Over 20 years ago, Colleen started Bluebird Glass Studio as a way to better facilitate her own glass creations; her passion and her drive quickly grew the company into the multi-faceted business it is today.  Bluebird Glass Studio is a retail store for glass hobbyists, boasts a small gallery, has teaching space that includes a kiln room, and a private workspace for commission and repair work in addition to Colleen’s artwork. 


Artist Statement

My work reflects the peace and joy I find when I am surrounded by nature: a trail through the woods, a well-loved garden of vegetables or flowers, rolling hills of an orchard or winery, an undisturbed beach with gentle or crashing waves, incredible family and friends.  It is my hope that no matter what the subject, my pieces convey an expression of that beauty found inside the viewer’s favorite place; the joy of feeling at peace and simply loving the moment for itself. 

I am inspired in my personal and commission work by the forms found all around us in the natural world.  Using glass as the vehicle to build meaningful pieces for home, an office, or a religious place is immensely satisfying.  The glass affords such an incredible method of delivering light and beauty… it has the power to transfix the viewer, transport them to another place and surround them with waves of wonder.  There is not a single day that I don’t feel both driven and blessed to work with glass; the challenges and thrills keep me motivated to do more.

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